I go to seek a great perhaps...

I'm Daniel, I'm 18. My girlfriend Kali is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I love her more than anything..

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Everytime I wash a spoon

Vine by BigNik

OH my god

this video is a work of art

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I just wanna make out with you and cuddle in baggy clothes watching movies and idk maybe put my hand down your pants whatever.

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Francominucci x Tailorable&co tie 


 = Burgundy color

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Perfect place for a stroll on All Hallow’s Eve … the Catacombs of Paris


Les Catacombes - Paris 2012

400 ft below the surface of Paris exists one of the scariest and coolest places on earth.  The bones of over 6 million people are still interred here.  Now they are organized and placed respectfully, but in the beginning the officials of Paris were just cleaning up the surface of the city by dumping the remains from full graveyards into the old rock quarries that built the city.  Spooky!  Great place to pop the question to your girlfriend!

All of the photos in this set were long exposures with no flash.  If you ever get to go, don’t forget the remote and/or tripod!